Teaching Demonstrations by Ra Eldredge for PreK – 8th Grades

P1000237P1000232P1000223P1000230P1000277P1000235Charcoal LandscapeP1000431P1000159P1000281P1000279P1000367P1000425P1000372P1000382P1000385P1000429P1000498P1000515P1000238P1000283P1000233P1000296P1000298P1000299P1000301P1000312P1000322P1000325P1000333P1000352P1000365P10003966th Sistine Chapel PaintingP1000156Aboriginal Art Fish P1000175Flower Illustration - Colored PencilP1000182Optical Illusion Triangle of CubesBird with watercolor and AcrylicP1000176Aboriginal ArtMap - Parchment and Watercolor  Finger Painting 1Watercolor Pattern Demo 1P1000158Finger Painting 2Fisherman Watercolor Demo for 3rd Grade  Flowers Illustration - Colored PencilHot and Cold Color Study in Acrylic 2Optical Illusion ArrowsHot and Cold Color Study in AcrylicHow to make a circle look like a sphere  Oil Pastel after O'Keefe   P1000155    P1000160P1000164P1000166P1000174   P1000178P1000180P1000181  P1000183P1000196P1000202P1000214P1000216Painted Paper Collage - undersea for 3rd GradePainted Paper Collage Bird - for 1st GradeWax and Watercolor Hibiscus FlowersPositive Negative Big ButterflyShattered Painting ARTShattered Painting BerriesShattered Painting FlowerShattered Painting in ProgressSnowflake of HorsesSnowman Demo 1 - for 1st GradeSponge Painting 1Symmetry Design 1Tissue Paper Collage Butterfly - for 2nd GradeToilet Paper Roll FishValentine - Wax and Watercolor  Watercolor Pattern Demo 2  Wooden Sculpture with SymmetryBody Part Art Fish

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