Book Project Demos

1st Grade Weather Poetry Books – Mixed Media.

P1000332 P1000333 P1000334 P1000335 P1000339P1000336 P1000340P1000337 P1000343P1000338P1000346P1000341P1000344P1000347P1000345 P1000348P1000349

Assorted Journal Covers – painted on canvas and bound onto notebooks.

P1000352 P1000353

2nd Grade – Watercolor and Bookbinding Project that links the Science, English and Art class curriculum.

P1000142P1000152 P1000151 P1000150 P1000149 P1000148 P1000147 P1000146 P1000145 P1000144

4th Grade – Symbols of New Hampshire Book,  linking their Art, English and Civics curriculum.


8th Grade – Handmade Books designed to showcase a student’s own poetry.

P1000131 P1000130

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