Charcoal Landscape

Drawing Demos

P1000159 P1000277 P1000299


P1000823 P1000794 P1000796 P1000798 P1000800 P1000801 P1000803 P1000804 P1000805 P1000807 P1000809 P1000812 P1000814 P1000815 P1000816 P1000819 P1000821





Zentangle examples…




P1000995 P1000992 P1000993



Symmetry by Elo in 4thP1250916Flowers Illustration - Colored PencilFlower Illustration - Colored PencilCharcoal LandscapeP1000158Medieval Rose Window DesignSymmetry Design 3Valentine Tree

Tesselation Robin Hood Tesselation for  Uncle Hank's 85thTesselation Demo 2


P1000187 P1000188P1000189P1000190


P1000155Oil Pastel after O'KeefeMedieval Rose Window DesignMask Paper BearHow to make a circle look like a sphere  Border Pattern IdeasAfrican Design Demo for 7th Grade

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