Painting Demos

P1000352P1000372P1000281P1000232 P1000498P1000322P1000325 P1000283P1000235P1000233P1000223P1000488P1000397P1000345P1000337Emma Rose MellonWax Resist Watercolor 3WatercolorsP1070928P1070921P1070925Shattered Painting BerriesShattered Painting in ProgressToilet Paper Roll FishValentine - Wax and WatercolorWatercolor Pattern Demo 1Watercolor Pattern Demo 2Wax and Watercolor Hibiscus FlowersSponge Painting 1P1000216P1000196P1000202P1000176P1000160P1000155Finger Painting 2Finger Painting 1Sponge Painting 1Valentine - Wax and WatercolorValentine - Wax and Watercolor 2Watercolor - Bleeding HeartsP1000163Younger ChristaMAYAP1170819P1170816P1170792P1000096P1170784P1150589Coral Reef Murals 037Coral Reef Murals 036Coral Reef Murals 028Coral Reef Murals 004Watercolor - Bleeding HeartsWatercolor Leaf Demo for 6th GradeTrompe L'Oeil PalletteTesselation Demo 2Tesselation DemonstrationPlay Set for Fiddler On the Roof - after ChagallP1000130P1000131P1000119P1000122Map - Parchment and WatercolorRa Eldredge - Leaf Art 2013Journal Cover- Leaf PrintsJournal Cover - Aboriginal ArtFisherman Watercolor Demo for 3rd GradeBird with watercolor and AcrylicAboriginal Art FishP1210035

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