2012 Upper School Mural

Student Art – preK through 8th Grades

The Art RoomJaguar by Terra Nova girlsStained Glass WindowSeed Mosaic August 6th Seed Mosaic Agnes  6th Seed Mosaic 6th Ra and multiple grades - seed mosaicsSculptural PastelP1250829Making Batiks OutsideP1080517Luke and Christian making Goldsworthy art5th Grade Outdoor ArtOutdoor art with Annie, Cleo, Amy and MayaWooden SculpturesEmily Painting her ZebrasCleo Profile PortraitCleo painting her portrait for Godspell Africa Bean Mosaic by 7th2011 Seed Mosaics2012 Upper School Mural2010 Molly the Recycled Bag Sheep in the parade8th Jackson - Goat 28th Grade Painted Farm Truck in the Parade6th Paper Collage by Deven6th painting Michaelangelo Mural6th Grade Watercolor Sistine Chapel Painting after Michelangelo6th Renaissance Mural6th Nat's Profile Portrait6th Medieval Rose Window MandalaGreece by TJ6th Felted Wool Punk Penguin6th Felted Wool Punk Penguin by Sunny5th Hannah  Egyptian Cartouche Initials5th Dan inspired by Goldsworthy5th Blockprint4th Grade - Leaf Art Turtles4th Grade - Leaf Art Rooster4th August s Leaf Collage4th Colored PencilGeometric World by Aiden3rd Oil Pastel still life3rd Grade Mural2nd Grade with their work2nd Grade Oil Pastel Color Studies2nd Grade -Pussywillows in watercolor, pastel and acrylic2nd Grade Hope Mandala1st Grade Papier Mache Egyptian Cat Mummies1st Grade Aboriginal Journal coversWooden SculpturesP1000166Shadow ArtShadow Art EyesShadow Art CandlesSculptural PastelWooden Sculptures8th Eye by Hannah7th Nat's Wooden SculptureP10001958th Lizzie's Batik8th - Pen and Ink - Jackson6th Grade Oil Pastel by Schuyler v8th Pen and InkEvie's Pastel OwlAmy painting her portrait for Godspell Jackson BrandweinCleo after Monet          Leaf Art Butterfly  Jackson Brandwein 8thTesselations  Giraffe in Children and the Arts Parade Finger Painting  Emily Painting her Zebras   DJ     Calvin - self graffitiOutdoor art with Annie, Cleo, Amy and Maya Annie Leaf Art after Andy GoldsworthyAnnie 2  Alex Gold 2Egyptian Design by Nat DunnAfrica Bean Mosaic by 7th  2012 Upper School Mural  2010 Molly the Recycled Bag Sheep in the parade2010 CATA parade   9th Emily's Horse  Will Harrington Self-Portrait - 20118th Vladamir Putin by Alexander8th Pig in Pencil by Hannah  8th Oil Pastel Jackson after Cezanne8th Oil Pastel Emily after Franz Marc      8th McKenzie after Monet8th McKenzie Acrylic after Monet8th Maya 's Queen Elizabeth  8th Magazine Collage Faces in a Crowd by Hannah8th Lizzie's Giraffes  8th Jonatha's Profile Portrait8th Jelly Fish by Nat8th Jackson - Goat 2       8th Impressionist Landscape Jason F    8th Impressionist Flower Faith  8th Grade Painted Farm Truck in the Parade8th Giving Thanks Mandala8th Fiona Oil Pastel after Franz Marc8th Eye by Hannah      8th Camel by Hannah   8th Batik Tiger8th Audrey   Egyptian Design by Nat Dunn         7th Oliver7th Oil Pastel by Hannah after Cezanne  7th Nat's Wooden Sculpture7th McKenzie Kitten7th making Lion CATA puppet  7th Lizzie's Animal Acrylic Painting  7th Kylie  7th Impressionist Landscape Hieu   7th Henry   7th Grade Mural    7th Fiona's Acrylic Cheetahs7th Evie's Mauri inspired design         Zebras by Amy Garland   Mya Kerwin 6th Grade     6th Paper Collage by Deven   6th Nat's Profile Portrait6th Medieval Rose Window Mandala  6th Impressionist Landscape Imogen V    Greece by TJ6th Grade's Rose Window Designs   6th Grade Impressionist Landscape Imogen6th Felted Wool Punk Penguin6th Felted Wool Punk Penguin by Sunny  Evie Iwanowicz after Kandinsky - 2011    5th Pos-Neg by August  5th Pos-Neg by Abbey5th Positive Negative by Imogen5th Oliver's finished Botanical5th Oliver's - botanical in progress5th Matisse style collage  5th Jesse outdoor art    5th Hannah  Egyptian Cartouche Initials5th Grade Mural    Evie Iwanowicz after Franz Marc's Piggies - 2011  5th Dan inspired by Goldsworthy

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