Student Colored Pencil Drawings

African Inspired Designs by 7th Grade


Profile Portraits by 6th-8th Grades.

6th Nat's Profile PortraitP1000384P1000386





8th Grade Diplomas Drawn by 7th Graders.

Well School DiplomaWell School Diploma by McKenzie

Perspective by 8th Grade.

P1000447P1210090P1210088Madeline's Perspective

Rose Window Designs by 6th Graders studying Medieval History.

Reed's Rose WindowLilly's Rose WindowElo's Rose Window6th Rose Window by Schuyler6th Grade's Rose Window Designs6th Grade Rose Windows

6th Grade Rose Window (one segment per student) – based on window in Notre Dame Cathedral.

6th Medieval Rose Window Mandala

5th Grade Botanical Mandala (one segment per student).

5th Botanical Mandala

Botanical illustrations by 5th Graders – linked with their science curriculum.

5th Oliver's finished Botanical5th Oliver's - botanical in progress5th Jaso 's colored pencil Botanical5th Evie's Colored Pencil Botanical5th Casey Goodrich - Colored Pencil Botanical5th Audrey Botanical colored pencil5th - Tor's botanical in progress5th - Tor's Botanical Drawing

Body Part Art by 3rd Grade.

5th Hannah's Body Part Art

Geometric View of the World by 4th Grade.

4th Colored PencilGeometric World by Aiden

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