7th Oil Pastel by Hannah after Cezanne

Student Oil Pastels

 8th Oil Pastel Jackson after Cezanne


Evie's Pastel Owl6th Grade Oil Pastel by SchuylerSculptural PastelDaniela Jallath 2012Monet by Kate Coerkler8th Oil Pastel Emily after Franz MarcElsa's Cezanne 7th Oil Pastel by Hannah after Cezanne8th Oil Jackson after Franz Marc's Cat8th Oil Pastel Daniella after Cezanne8th Emma CC after van Gogh7th Noah  after Cezanne7th Hannah after Monet7th Calvin after Renoir (7th)6th Oil Pastel Elise after Monet (6th)6th - Oil Pastel Oliver after Monet (6th)4th Grade Oil Pastel Mya after O'Keeffe3rd Oil Pastel still life8th Carolyn oil pastel after Franz Mark3rd Oil Pastel by Luke2nd Grade Oil Pastel Color Studies8th Fiona Oil Pastel after Franz Marc

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