8th Impressionist Landscape Jason F

Student Acrylic Paintings



8th Monet by Cleo8th McKenzie Acrylic after Monet8th McKenzie after Monet



 Upper School Murals – 5th -8th Grades, one tile per student.  Designed by 8th grader.


2013 Upper School Mural - each grade did one quarter of mural

Class Murals, one tile per student – (7th – Zebras, 3rd – Giraffes, 4th – Cheetahs)

7th Grade Mural3rd Grade Mural5th Grade Mural

Mural designed and completed by three 9th graders.

Jaguar by Terra Nova girls 


8th Lizzie's Giraffes

Cleo painting her portrait for GodspellWill Harrington Self-Portrait - 2011Amy painting her portrait for Godspell

8th Maya after Mary Cassatt


8th Jelly Fish by Nat


Impressionist Paintings from photographs – 6th through 8th grades.

8th Impressionist Landscape Tor8th Impressionist Landscape Jason8th Impressionist Landscape Faith2013 Impressionist Landscape Maddy Garland 8th

8th Impressionist Landscape Taya

8th Impressionist Landscape Kylie

8th Impressionist Landscape Evie

7th Impressionist Landscape Hieu

7th Impressionist Landscape Sunny

6th Impressionist Landscape August7th Impressionist Landscape  Reed

6th Impressionist Landscape Abbey6th Impressionist Landscape Agnes6th Impressionist Landscape Imogen V


8th Impressionist Flower Faith

8th Grade Painted Farm Truck in the Parade

Emily Garland after Monet - 2011

8th Cleo acrylic after Claude Monet

Einstein Portrait


 World Leader Paintings by 8th Graders.

8th Christian s Ban Ki Moon

8th Vladamir Putin by Alexander8th Isaiah's George Bush8th Maya 's Queen Elizabeth


8th Annie s Angela Merkel8th Acrylic Hamid Karzai by Amy Garland8th Alex - Amadinejad


7th Sydney's Acrylic Horse

7th McKenzie Kitten7th Lizzie's Animal Acrylic Painting7th Leo7th Horse by Emily7th Henry7th Grade Impressionist Landscape Schuyler7th Grade Impressionist Landscape Hieu7th Fiona's Acrylic Cheetahs7th Elena's Acrylic After O'Keefe7th DanCalvin Bates after Salvador Dali - 2011Ana Allen after Georgia O'Keeffe - 2011Zebras by Amy GarlandGiraffe by Amy Garland7th - Lizzie - baby elephantsJason Frank after Claude Monet - 20116th Grade Impressionist Landscape Imogen5th Hannah Aboriginal Journal Cover5th Grade Impressionist Flower5th Grade Impressionist Flower ReedEvie Iwanowicz after Franz Marc's Piggies - 20112nd Luke's Medieval Shield1st Grade Aboriginal Journal coversSponge Painting 1Finger Painting 2P1190066P1190065P1190064P11900675th By Jackon and classmatesShattered PaintingsShattered PaintingShattered Paintings after Elizabeth MurrayPicture 013Shattered Paintings by 7th & 8th  P1210089

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