Giraffe in Children and the Arts Parade

Student Parade Art

Puppet - Lions Head with Paper Mache and Recyled Plastic Bags7th making Lion CATA puppetP1000201P1000200P1000199P1000198P1000197P1070930P1070925Painting Elephant Cloth for CATA 2011P1070901P1070928P1070921P1070927P1070898P1070926P1070924P1070918P1070922P1070920 P1070916P1070919P1070917P1070915P1070914P1070913P1070912P1070911P1070909P1070907P1070905P1070904P1070903 P1070897P1070896Giraffe in Children and the Arts Parade2010 Molly the Recycled Bag Sheep in the parade2010 CATA parade8th Grade Painted Farm Truck in the ParadeP1000213P1000212P1000211P1000210

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