6th Grade Watercolor Sistine Chapel Painting after Michelangelo

Student Watercolors

Camel by Grace Harrington - 7th GradeWax Resist Watercolor 3Watercolor HaystacksSydney MichalakRaven by Jeremy Callahan - 7th GradeElephant by Elo Catlin - 7th GradeWax Resist and WatercolorWatercolorsCam HarringtonEmma Rose MellonP1210100P1210099zP1210094P1210093Leaf Art by Mya Kerwin - 6th GradeLeaf Art by Otto Vogel - 6th GradeLeaf Art by Abbey Watson - 6th GradeLeaf Art by Agnes Macy - 6th Grade   Jackson Brandwein 8thTesselations7th Nat's Wooden Sculpture9th Emily's Horse9th Emily s Horse6th Renaissance Mural6th Grade Watercolor Sistine Chapel Painting after MichelangeloEvie Iwanowicz after Kandinsky - 2011Watercolors by 3rd Grade3rd Grade Watercolor Inuit Design by BenTaya Kerwin2nd Grade symmetry after snowflakes

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